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A Force to Be Reckoned With
On April 7th, the SA2020 Team paid a special visit to  SRG Force Sports. They entered Gates Elementary just as school was dismissed and joined the students partaking in SRG’s Becoming A Better You After School Enrichment Program. They chatted about topics they we are studying in school, such as The Civil Rights Movement, bullying, and multiplying fractions  over ahealthy after school snack and quickly became friends with the awesome students. SA2020 said “Our candidness, wit, and excellent manners floored us to say the very least.The students then proudly led us to their classroom where we were greeted witha wall of handmade welcome posters and notes. These kids know a thing or twoabout hospitality!”
After reciting their Integrity Pledge (an entirely endearing verbal affirmation of all that SRG believes in and promotes, such as integrity and respect), the students began working on their homework. It was clear that the instruction, care, and assistance given by the SRG team and their teacher, Mr. Ward, were paramount to the educational success of each student. The more time we spent with them, the more obvious it became that the program works – plain and simple.  
(Left) SA2020 Team members provide homework assistance to SRG Force Sports students.
One of the students, Nevaeh, had this to say about the program: “The Becoming A Better You Program has been beneficial to me because I would just be lying down on my couch and watching television but now I am in the after school program and I get to learn on Study Island, participate in sports, and learn different words like diversity, respect, humility, integrity, and teamwork.”
(Right) SRG Force Sports students provide homework assistance to Molly.
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