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A day in the life of a SRG Force Sports Student

Each student that participates in our after school program will be inspired to develop in the following areas: academic development, character and civic development, and sports and recreation development. During our academic section, each student will receive a minimum of 40 minutes of homework assistance from our instructors on a daily basis. Additionally, each student will participate in 30 minutes of daily literacy activities, such as: independent reading, group read-alouds, blended reading exercises (i.e. guided read-alouds and computer based modules) and financial empowerment. During our civic and character section, each student will have an opportunity to learn and live out our seven guiding principles: teamwork, passion, integrity, respect, humility, service and diversity. Our value system is creatively taught through animation videos and our program’s Pledge of Achievement. Through volunteering, each student will have an opportunity to engage in a rewarding experience, acquire new skills and knowledge, and make a significant contribution to their respective community. During our sports and recreation section, each student will have an opportunity to learn skill-based instruction to develop fundamental and repeatable best practices of a given sports area (basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball). Each student in our program will also be provided with a nutritious meal at the start of the program, and a snack at the conclusion of each program day.

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