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SRG Force Sports has redesigned its fundamental program into a three-ecosystem model: Knowledge, Innovation, and Partnerships. These three ecosystems are connected by dynamic and permeable access points to individual and community actors. This design offers several fundamental benefits:

  1. Improves access to learning and innovation opportunities for the future.
  2. Fashion contemporary pathways which adapt to essential individual demands and aspirations.
  3. Campaigns for fresh alliances that concentrate on emerging individual and shared challenges.
  4. Assist and support communities by connecting their creativity and intelligence.
  5. Adapts to new and powerful partnership networks.


The SRG Force Sports S.T.E.M. Education Program is inspired by one of the brightest stars in the firmament of science, Mr. Stephen Hawking, whose insights shaped modern cosmology and inspired global audiences in the millions. Unlike other S.T.E.M. programs, the SRG Force Sports S.T.E.M. Education program is specifically focused on offering equitable learning experiences across the physical, cognitive, and social aspects in the community.  Our goal is to ensure that all generations, especially our youth, have access to next generation technology and science education and are inspired to become science learners and are empowered to lead the next generation of our great teachers and innovators.

SRG Force Sport’s S.T.E.M. Education Program objectives:

  • Ensure that individuals of various ages and socio-economic status experience an environment that is at all times inclusive.
  • Establish a S.T.E.M. collaborative network to create access points to the latest in technology and innovation, i.e. 3-D printing, cybersecurity, and application development.
  • Identify and engage new knowledge networks and experiential learning centers of influence and innovation.

SRG Force Sports Inclusive Fitness Program is a fitness system that assesses, develops and implements individualized exercise programming for healthy or medically-cleared persons with a physical, mental, or cognitive disability. Our Inclusive Fitness Program makes exercise accessible for all – empowering individuals to achieve fitness goals that previously seemed beyond their own limitations. Our organization is focused on community inclusion, and we are committed to improving the lives of our wounded warriors, youth, and all adults with disabilities by providing sports and recreation opportunities. 

SRG Force Sport’s Inclusive Fitness Program goals are:

  • Partner with organizations that offer adaptive sports programs as part of a well-rounded fitness experience for individuals with disabilities.
  • Provide participant-centered advisory service and collaborate with local wellness providers to offer the latest adaptive sports technology and programming.
  • Engage both local and national Partners to increase access to adaptive sports venues that provide athletic programs that promote accomplishment, fortitude, and teamwork.

SRG Force Sports considers health promotion and wellness as a combination of educational, organizational, economic, and environmental pillars that support the emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health of our participants. our programs will offer mindfulness and nutrition programs.

SRG Force Sport’s Community Wellness Program objectives:

  • Support our local City and County Partners in developing, coordinating, and conducting Health Promotion education and training sessions for community inclusion programs.
  • Provide technical expertise to our Community partners to assess needs and design and implement solutions based on the latest innovations and therapeutic expertise for evidence-based initiatives in support of their goals, such as nutritional programs or healthy lifestyle programming.


SRG Force Sports Team recognizes that many individuals with disabilities often have difficulty performing activities of daily living independently. By offering assistive technology support to individuals with disabilities, SRG Force Sports aims to increase their social participation, provide greater security and control, and increase autonomy without significantly increasing household expenses.  We provide assistive technology advisory support to promote greater independence by enabling people to

  • Perform tasks they had great difficulty accomplishing
  • Conduct interactions with technology needed to accomplish their tasks independently

SRG Force Sports will promote the self-sufficiency and well-being of individuals with disabilities through advocacy, education, and solution management.

Technical innovation is generating remarkable new prospects for enhancing the capacities of our  communities and optimizing the quality of life. Truly, the nature and cadence of technical innovation are likely to set in motion profound changes particularly as the use of technology becomes more deeply integrated into the common tasks and routines of daily life for everyone.

SRG Force Sports’ Emerging Technology Group (ETG) aim:

  • Conduct active market research on new technologies’ impacts on communities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Serve as a coalition of industry and community leaders, committed to providing innovative options and thought leadership to ensure effective alignment between technology advancement and ecosystems.

SRG Force Sports ETG will achieve this target by connecting Centers of Influence, organizations, resources, events, and information that will help communities gain access to these technologies in order to minimize disparities between technical innovation and equitable provisioning.

During the coming decade, the speed, scope, and scale of adoption of health IT will only increase. Emerging technologies promise to blur the line between expert and peer health information. Equally challenging will be helping health professionals and the inclusive population adapt to the changes in healthcare quality and efficiency due to the creative use of health communication and health IT.

SRG Force Sports’ objectives which will have a positive impact on health, health care, and health equity for inclusive communities include:

  • Building social support networks
  • Increasing health literacy skills
  • Providing new opportunities to connect with culturally diverse and hard-to-reach populations
  • Providing sound principles in the design of programs and interventions that result in healthier lifestyles
  • Increasing Internet and mobile access
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