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Renaissance Youth
Each month SRG Force Sports will spotlight a student in one of our programs. An individual could be recognized for their achievements in the classroom, community, or in extracurricular activities.
On January 31, 2017, our organization recognized a very deserving student member from our Becoming A Better You After School Enrichment Program population. For his outstanding work, dedication and achievement for the month of December, TheRenaissance Youth – Student of the Month was awarded to Jeremiah MacDonald from Young Men’s Leadership Academy!
Jeremiah is a leader, excellent student, and a great example to other program members on campus.Since the beginning of the program year, Jeremiah has been a great help to our site leaders. After completing his assignments, Jeremiah is always seeking opportunities to mentor and assist his peers. His actions represent the expectation our organization has for all of our program members. Congratulations, Jeremiah!
Renaissance Youth – Student of the Month,
Jeremiah MacDonald!

Pictured (L to R): Ms. Bianca Teer (Pepsi Co.), Ms. Schewana Thomas (Site Coordinator), Jeremiah MacDonald, and Mr. Manuel Caballero (SAISD).

Pictured (L to R): Mr. Wayne MacDonald (Grandfather), Mrs. CathyMacDonald (Grandmother), Jeremiah MacDonald, and Mrs. LeAnnaMacDonald (Mother).
All About Jeremiah
Age: 13 years old 
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Siblings: 2 sisters
School: Young Men’s Leadership Academy
Grade: 7th
Birthday: April 27, 2003
Favorite Subject: Math
Hobbies: Basketball and video games
Favorite Snack: Macaroni and cheese
Favorite Color: Royal blue
Favorite Book: Alcatraz
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Song: Anything by Lecrae
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Career Goal: Become a Mechanical Engineer
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